The Franna 25 tonne crane is the largest in its class and has additional counterweights for improved lifting capabilities. It features ergonomic, spacious interior and digital 3B6 load indicator for increased comfort and safety.

The crane also has a 400 litre fuel tank for increased uninterrupted operation time and driving range. This crane comes with a full range of certified lifting equipment.


  • 25 tonne at 1.41 m radius
  • 18 m maximum hook height
  • Single line 4.2 tonne
  • 19.16 Powered boom for reduced set up times
  • 1.8 tonne at 15.71 m radius
  • Hook block (6 parts) capacity 25 tonne
  • Capable of 80 kmph Highway Speed

Franna 25 Tonne Articulated Crane
Max Cranes Franna 25 Tonne Articulated Crane